When is payment due?

Payment is required in full prior to the commencement of your course or lesson. Places are not confirmed until full payment is made.


Refunds will not be given if you book a place on a course and do not use it unless we are able to sell the place to another client. Most of our courses sell out so we will not take income cuts for lost places.

Is my dog too old? 

No dog is too old to learn. We recently graduated a beginner who had started training for the first time at 10 years of age! His learning was slower than a youngster but he has achieved all the skills required in the basic training class. As long as there is no brain deterioration old dogs can learn new tricks.

Does my dog need to be fully vaccinated? 

For Puppy Preschool – No. But they do need to have had at least their first injection. The sooner your puppy starts socialising in a safe environment the better.  Vaccination cards are checked at the first lesson.

For all other classes yes. Dogs need to be fully vaccinated and immunisation cards are checked prior to you commencing your first lesson.

Are there hidden expenses at Dog Solutions? 

No. We may make recommendations in behaviour problem solving consultations to make purchases but we won’t charge anything other than what you have been quoted. We have no product alliances so we won’t be pushing products on you.

Can I book into intermediate or advanced manners if my dog has already achieved grades at another school?

No. You will need to book into basic manners and demonstrate that you meet all the criteria in each of Dog Solutions grades to move to the next level. Dog schools run independently with their own rules and can have dramatic differences in criteria to achieve grades.

Is there a dress code?

Yes. All classes, all seasons you will need to wear closed in footwear with good grip for your safety. Ideally runners or boots.

What do I need to know when looking for a Puppy School? 

Can the floor be cleaned? The floor must be non porous and not in a publically accessible area. Your puppy must not play where there is a chance that parvo virus has been e.g. parks, footpaths, open area’s that cannot be access controlled. Until fully immunised they are at risk. Check the teacher’s qualifications and experience and ask what subjects the course covers. If the course is mostly “play time” you won’t get as much from it. Many stores are offering puppy schools with non qualified teachers and a high focus on product sales. They are not the bargain they appear. Our teachers have a bare minimum of two years behavioural experience to teach puppy school as this is the class where a non experienced trainer can do the most damage to a dog.

Why do Dog Solutions insist on harnesses only for training?

Dog Solutions use harnesses for all our training to ensure we do not harm or injure the dogs. A recent study has shown that as many as 70% of pet dogs carry neck or back injuries caused by collars and training equipment attached to the neck through jerking. As aggression experts we cannot deny a higher incidence in aggression linked with neck equipment. One cause of sudden aggression is thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid damage can be caused by pressure to the neck.It is not true that a harness will cause your dog to pull. Collars are strictly for id only.

If your dog does pull on the lead we recommend a sporn harness whilst your dog is still learning to walk on a loose lead. There are two kinds. The first tightens on the dog when they pull and the second has a front attachment to cause the dog to turn away from the direction they wish to pull toward. We are keen for your dog to learn not to pull and for our clients to not need to rely on equipment long term but short term these can help take the pressure off the handler.

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