General Training FAQ

How do I register?
You can register using the Online Bookings menu option, and selecting the class you’d like to join.

How do you train?
We train using modern techniques focused on teaching the behaviour you want, and rewarding that. This is known as “Positive Reinforcement Training” and is well established as the most effective, and humane method of training not only dogs, but many sentient beings.

Can I bring my other dog?
You can book in and bring as many dogs as you have handlers – each dog MUST have their own handler responsible for them.

Can I bring my family and friends?
Yes! We’d love all the family and those who interact regularly with your dog to follow the same training techniques, and reward the same behaviours.

What if it’s raining? Snowing? Blowing a gale? Extremely hot?
We will train in all weather (we have undercover areas in all locations), however if the weather is excessive (way too hot, way too cold, way too wet, way too windy, way too snowy, way too lightningy… etc etc etc), we will cancel class and advise all booked in for the class via email and/or SMS (thus it’s important to have a booking and let us know you’re coming!).

Can I observe a class?
You are welcome to observe a class without your dog to help you decide if we are the right fit for you.

Please Contact Us to organise an observation class or time with us.

I have a <Breed X>. Have you trained them before?
We have been training for many years, and collectively, our trainers have owned, and trained a large number of dogs. Have we trained every breed, or cross? No! We have had great success training a large number of breeds and crosses, and recognise there are differences not only between each breed, but each individual dog. We’re confident we can help you train your dog.