School Rules

Please note that the following rules apply to all students at all times, and have been created to ensure the health and safety of all attendees – dogs and people.

If these rules are not agreed or followed, you may be asked to leave the training premises.

  1. Violence is not tolerated – to dogs (or other animals), or other persons.
    We get that training can be frustrating sometimes – ask for help!
  2. Instructors provide instructions that must be followed at all times.
    We endeavor to make training a fun activity to help you and your dog get the most out of it. Sometimes we may need to ask you to stop doing something, or move away from someone else. We do this for you and your dogs’ safety.
  3. All persons must wear appropriate footwear when training.
    Appropriate footwear is comfortable, fully enclosed, and non-slip. Leave the thongs and sandals for the beach, and the high-heels and dress shoes for the discos and clubs.
  4. Vaccinations must be current and up to date. We do accept titre-tested dogs with current and up to date titre documentation.
    Without appropriate immunity, all dogs and persons may be at risk of cross contamination and disease.
  5. Doggy Accidents must be cleaned up.
    Poo bags are provided if you don’t have one handy, and we provide hand sanitizer and paper towels for your comfort.
    Water buckets are present to splash over wee if needed.
  6. Harnesses must be worn well-fitted, and dogs must remain on lead unless instructed.
    Dogs can very quickly work out if they can escape loose equipment. If you need assistance, please ask for help.
    Why harnesses? Read through this for more information.
  7. Flat Collars are used for holding identification only.
    We only use harnesses unless otherwise agreed and approved by instructors.
    Please don’t arrive with “choker”, prong, or citronella/bark collars.
  8. Leads are always connected and in good condition.
    Please don’t arrive with “retractable” or “chain” leads unless otherwise agreed and approved by instructors.
  9. Children and the whole family are welcome during our training sessions.
    All dogs must be handled by adults and children over the age of 16 years old unless otherwise agreed and approved by instructors.
    Children under the age of 8 years old must be accompanied by a dedicated supervisor.
    However, children and adults of any age can participate in the training activities and are actively encouraged to be involved.
  10. Sick, injured dogs or female dogs “in heat” are not permitted in classes, or within the training grounds.
  11. Do not approach other dogs without Owner/Handler or Instructor permission to do so. This includes Person to Dog, and Dog to Dog interaction.
    Dogs are often not at the same social stage as each other, and some require additional attention for successful interactions.
    Handlers wearing “high visibility” vests must not be approached by any other person or dog without authorisation of the Instructor.
  12. We operate in all weather! If the weather is extreme (too hot, too cold, too wet, too windy, too stormy) we will cancel class and advise all booked students of the cancellation via SMS/Email (using the phone and email values stored in our booking system). Pre-paid classes will be rolled forwards to the next class – you will not forfeit any class payments.