What Do I Need To Bring

While we do provide basic “Liver” treats, the best treats are ones that your dog will do absolutely anything for.

We recommend (and use ourselves)
– Chicken (roast, loaf, or dried)
– Cabana, Kransky, Sausages, Hot Dogs
– Bacon (diced or shredded), and Devon Luncheon meat
– Steak, Roast Beef, Roast Pork, Roast Lamb
– Fish (dried)
– Cheese (cubed Tasty, Vintage), shaved parmesan

The best treats are often a combination of some of the above.

Treats should be approximately little finger or “pinky finger” nail sized. Larger than this and your dog will become “full” quicker, limiting your training opportunities with treats.

Treats with high fat, high salt and/or high sugar should be restricted to small quantities only.

Bring a treat pouch or a zip-lock sandwich bag full to keep you going through the lesson.

Don’t forget to deduct the treats for classes from morning and evening meals, and try to avoid feeding them just before class!

Bring your lead, harness, and anything else you need for a successful training session.

Why harnesses? Read more here.

For general activities in class, a good lead length is between 2 and 3 meters. We provide “long lines” for distance recall if needed.

Doggy Accident Cleanup Kit
Poo bags suffice for this. It’s not uncommon for dogs to poo multiple times, so please bring more than one.

We provide hand sanitizer and paper towels, along with access to water taps for your comfort.

Vaccination or Titre Test documentation
For the first visit to a class, please present this during check-in.

Over time, you may be asked to bring updated certificates or documents to satisfy our council requirements.

Appropriate Clothing
We train in all weather. We have undercover areas available and will use them on days of rain, or heat. When it’s too windy, rainy, stormy, warm, or too dangerous to train, we will cancel and alert everyone via email and/or SMS as soon as we can.

It can be cool on some training days and nights. Bring some warm gear for you, and your dog.