Which Harnesses

Not all harnesses are created equal, and not all harnesses are designed for all dogs.

There are a HUGE range of harnesses (and all dog equipment) out there, designed for different purposes, and used for different activities. We are often asked about what harnesses we recommend.

While we have no specific affiliation with any of the major harness brands, most pet stores stock a wide range of harnesses by various brands that we do use.

What we look for in our favourite harnesses :

  • well made and comfortable
  • have great padding (more than just webbing)
  • have a wide breast plate (to help distribute any pressure)
  • don’t restrict normal movement (avoid those that sit across the top of the front legs)
  • support the chest in front, and behind the front legs
  • are fully adjustable for width, length and chest adjustments
  • and have D-rings attached to the back and (optionally) on the chest of the harness for double-ended leads.

For Puppies:
When choosing a harness, select the largest size that will adjust down to your puppy’s size now – as harnesses are expensive, and puppies grow quickly! You may need to replace the puppy harness over time.

For Adults:
When choosing a harness, select a size with some adjustment for weight gain/weight loss.

When wearing the harness, you should be able to put 2 adult fingers between the harness and your dog. It’s too tight if you cannot, and it’s too loose if you can put more than 2 fingers through.

Be wary of harnesses that your dog may be able to “back out” of. Dogs quickly learn what works for them, and this behaviour will likely be repeated, if freedom is the objective!

What do we use?
Karen, our head trainer and behaviourist, is also a registered fitter of the “Perfect Fit” harnesses that are made and imported from the UK. All our instructors and trainers use these harnesses for their own dogs.

We also use EzyDog, Halti, Black Dog, Haqihana, and Puppingtons equipment, among several other brands and types. We’re happy to show you what we use, why we use it, and for what activities we use it for.

Please Contact us if you would like further information on harness types, or appropriate harnesses for your dog.