Dog Solutions can tailor programs specifically for groups on many different canine topics.

Veterinary staff, kennel staff, dog clubs, welfare organisations, government organisations, community groups – we can present on any canine topic you would like to educate your people on!

As a special bonus Karen is also a Cat behavioural trainer and can include cat specific information in her presentations where relevant.

Karen is highly flexible and relishes opportunities to deliver specific training to your audience.

Welfare organisations may qualify for our Scholarship programs or discount packages. Details on application.

Popular info programs

  • Fear and Phobias is for owners who want strategies to manage and resolve fear and phobia behaviours
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  • Expecting is for owners who want strategies to manage newly arrived children in a dog household
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  • Crate Training is for owners who want to be able to crate their dogs comfortably
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  • Safe Kids and Dogs is for parents who want strategies to manage dogs and children households, and safe interactions with dogs.
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