Manners Classes

for puppies over 16 weeks, adolescent, adult and seniors
We offer group Manners classes for all levels of training, starting with our Beginners Manners through to Advanced Manners training.We welcome the whole family to participate in training, because if you are living with a dog then you should know what the training plan is about – direct from the trainer. If the whole family is on the same page then it is much easier for a dog to learn.

Beginners Manners are best suited to younger dogs, puppy school graduates, and all dogs or handlers new to training, where we learn beginner skills like sitting, stay, down, loose lead walking, recall, and good focus along with training techniques, reinforcers, and good socialisation and play. For first time training, Beginners Manners is highly recommended.

Basic Manners are best suited to dogs and handlers with a training history. We learn to apply good training techniques under increasing distractions, and “real world” applications of basic skills, continuing stay, down, loose lead walking, social walking, heeling, recall and return, and good focus along with good socialisation.

Beginners and Basic Manners are offered as a 4 week course. Please confirm your availability to attend the entire course, as catch up classes are not available.

Intermediate Manners, and Advanced Manners, are by invitation on demonstrated completion of all Basic skills.

Regular attendance is recommended to hold a place and bookings are essential

Thomastown classes are held at :
Kilmore classes are held at :

While we may be able to address some common minor behavioural issues within class, excessive behavioural issues may need to be addressed with a private appointment. See additional information here.

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