Manners Classes

for puppies over 16 weeks, adolescent, adult and seniors
Group manners training sessions run for one hour, and are held every Saturday morning in Thomastown, and every Monday evening in Kilmore (except Public holidays).
We have classes to suit beginners all the way up to advanced levels of training.
Regular attendance is recommended to hold a place and Bookings are essential
Thomastown classes are held at :
Kilmore classes are held at :
If you’re new to Manners classes, it’s highly recommended to attend our Introduction to Manners class for the first week, to help you with the way we teach, techniques of training, foundation behaviours, equipment checks and how your dog responds to training.

We don’t run a simple set course over a number of weeks – we have seen that both handlers and their dogs learn at different paces. Dogs are different, people learn differently and at different paces, some people are able to practice more than others and everyone has their own training goals. Our classes are designed so that you decide when you’re happy with what you and your dog have achieved, and leave when you have attained your goals. Many of our clients both human and furry don’t ever want to leave!

Classes work on a wide variety of behaviours and training work. Key behaviours include
– heeling & loose lead walking,
– recall,
– stay,
– impulse control,
– focus,
– sit & down
– touch & shaping
as well as a wide range of “choices” and “exploration” training, and the ability to build skills under distraction.

While we may be able to address some minor behavioural issues within class, excessive behavioural issues may need to be addressed with a private appointment. See additional information here.

Your teacher will observe and assist anyone needing help. As your dog is able to work under higher distraction and complete more and more difficult tasks with longer duration and further distance, you will work through the different grades.

Additionally each lesson includes socialisation and confidence building activities. You never know what will happen. We may have a team mascot visit, a motorcycle, a mock thunderstorm or a power tools adventure. Anything could occur! We want your dogs to cope no matter what is going on around them. It builds their trust in you and their ability to relax and respond to you no matter what is going on around them.

Classes run for an hour. Questions are answered at the end of each session to benefit the entire class. Class sizes are restricted to a maximum of 10 dogs per instructor to ensure everyone receives individual care. Bookings are essential! In peak periods we are usually fully booked.

Please note that our school does not use choker chains or any neck equipment. Collars are used to hold id but we do not attach leads to them. We train in harnesses. You will be told by some people that harnesses will cause pulling – this is not true. Please feel welcome to come and have a look at our students!

We welcome the whole family at our school because if you are living with a dog then you should know what the training plan is about – direct from the trainer. If the whole family is on the same page then it is much easier for a dog to learn. No one handler per dog rule with us!

Please note all new students to Dog Solutions must begin in a basic manners lesson to pass our schools grades regardless of previous training elsewhere.

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