Dog Solutions are very proud to be operating K9 Nosework® lessons.  K9 Nosework® was developed  as a scent detection sport to tap into dogs natural ability to hunt and detect scent. It literally gives dogs an outlet for a natural behaviour that is very often discouraged in day to day life.

We delved into nosework because we love the large number of benefits it offers dogs and people. Some of those benefits include:

  • Confidence building in dogs.
  • Dogs ability to problem solve grows.
  • It is suitable for most dogs. Each dog has their own turn without other dogs.
  • Dogs experience a real sense of freedom.
  • People learn to read subtle canine body language better.
  • The dog/handler bond is strengthened.
  • It is a great social opportunity for people whose dogs are often not able to participate in other classes.
  • You can go to trials and compete if you wish to.  You do not have to.
  • Its lots of fun for dogs and people!!!!!

We have been incorporating nosework into our grumpy dog programs and have found that reactive dogs can accelerate their programs by using their noses.

The starter course goes for an hour and a half per session for six weeks. This course is called Introduction to nosework.  

To enrol you will need to have a crate trained dog that you are able to crate when it is not your turn or have a second person to wait with your dog in the car.

After completing Intoduction to nosework you may enrol in Introduction to odour to continue your nosework studies. You cannot enrol into the odour class until you have completed intro to nosework course.

People who have completed our courses will have opportunities to practice regularly as part of a group.

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