Puppy School

for puppies 16 weeks and under
Our comprehensive four week puppy preschool program designed specifically to set you on the right path to raising a well behaved, confident and social dog.
We are incredibly proud of our program and the fact that we regularly have veterinarians, veterinary nurses, boarding kennel staff, pet store staff, dog sport enthusiasts, zoo keepers, other trainers and behaviour consultants attending our classes.

We currently run our puppy preschool classes in different locations on different evenings, and bookings are essential.

Kilmore – Tuesday
Seymour – Wednesday

Thomastown – Saturday

Puppies should commence this class between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks and must have received their first immunisation prior to starting.

Puppies do not need to be fully immunised to start this training program.

This is an important time in the development of puppies and what does (or does not) happen in this time will have a lifelong effect on how your puppy copes with the world. You will learn how to build your puppy into a confident and well balanced individual, who can be a polite member of society and participate in all aspects of family life.

This is a great opportunity to get started on the right foot and ensure your puppy does not have behavioural issues in the future!

You will learn:

  • How to read canine body language to help you understand what your dog is feeling
  • What appropriate play looks like and what should not be allowed
  • How to have children and dogs together safely
  • Effective and gentle dog training techniques to help you and your dog become a strong team
  • Manners training – sit, down, recall (coming when called), stay, loose lead walking,  placement (go to your mat/bed), give (relinquishing items), impulse control, settle
  • Successful toilet training techniques
  • Preventative health care
  • Behaviour problem solving and behaviour problem prevention.
  • …and much more!

Your puppy will also receive the benefit of socialising with other puppies, and other people. The critical periods of development are the most important time in your dogs life. Exposing your puppy to others in a controlled and fun environment under expert supervision, ensures your puppy gets the chance to learn to communicate with others appropriately. This really is the foundation of a well adjusted dog.

Sadly, many dogs that missed these opportunities as a puppy, often develop issues with dogs and people outside of their own home.

With that in mind, you cannot over socialise but you can definitely undersocialise and badly socialise. Your puppy needs varied fun experiences to develop into a well adjusted dog. So, in our classes, socialisation doesn’t just mean  puppies playing in a crazy free for all.  Our classes encourage manners in interactions with other puppies and people. One of the four lessons see’s the entire lesson dedicated to exposing your puppy  to different objects, sounds and scenarios – even a mock thunderstorm!

Through this course, we will help you achieve a happy and confident puppy, and the best part is that puppies and their owners have a great time!

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