Puppy School – Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wait until he has had all his injections/immunisations?

Behavioural science has found that waiting until your dog is fully immunised to start socializing puppies wastes valuable time in the critical periods of development. Once your pup has had one vaccination they can begin puppy school. The critical periods of development are a very brief period of time where you can really assist your puppy to develop into a well adjusted dog. Missing these opportunities can result in a socially stunted dog which can lead to reactivity in the future.

I would never take my unvaccinated puppy out in public places like parks and reserves. Any place open and uncontrolled that is dirt or grass can have parvovirus living in it. Parvo is highly contagious and not something I would want any pup to contract. I would however take puppy in the car, carry puppy out and about, have lots of human noise – like tv or radio and of course book into a properly run puppy school.

My Vet says wait until fully vaccinated?

Do yourself a favour and google critical periods of development or ask a Veterinary Behaviourist their opinion regarding this response. Veterinarians can select behavioural studies as an elective if they want to. It is not a part of main stream Veterinary Science. Vet Behaviourists have studied behaviour as well as Veterinary medicine.

Your fee is more. Why wouldn’t I just go to the local pet store or a puppy school operated by a vet nurse?

These schools are not operated by people trained in behaviour. Puppy school is a great place to start training good manners but this is secondary to learning to read and respond to other dogs appropriately and learning to build confidence in the real world. To teach puppy school at Dog Solutions without supervision staff must have an appropriate qualification in behaviour as well as a minimum of three years hands on behavioural experience training dogs.

We refer health issues to Vets, Behaviour medication cases to vets or Veterinary behaviourists, complicated food enquiries to canine nutritional experts, product enquiries to pet stores.

You wouldn’t walk into a hairdressing salon and ask for advice about your car making a banging noise when you turn corners.

Some veterinary nursing staff are trained in behaviour – ask if you are considering booking into those classes.

Who is welcome at puppy classes?

The whole family. The only rule is that only one person is talking to the dog at a time. Sometimes very little people can find classes too long. We welcome entertainment for them that does not disrupt the class. Our lessons encourage all family members to be involved.

Can I bring my other dog?

We ask that dogs are not brought to puppy school as we need to know any dog the pups are exposed to so we can ensure they only meet dogs that will help them learn. We also want your little one to gain confidence and you can’t really do that standing behind your big sister.

Can my child do the training?

Yes. You may need to hold the lead depending on the childs age and strength but your child can still be the trainer.

Do I need to bring anything?

You, your puppy on lead and in their harness, something for you to drink and a can do attitude! Get ready to have fun!