Payment Options

Direct Debit
Direct Debit is available on request. Please contact us for Direct Debit details.

Pay Online
To pay for a class your dog is already booked in, please follow these steps :
1. Log in to the online booking system
2. Click the “My Account” at the top of the screen

3. Click the “Invoices” tab

4. Click the to locate the invoice options
5. Click the dollar sign

6. Complete any additional details as needed
7. Click “Checkout” when you arrive at the cart
8. Review the terms and conditions, and agree to continue.
9. Select the “Check out with Paypal” and follow the prompts to complete the transaction within the secure Paypal portal.
(NOTE within the Paypal portal, you can choose your Paypal account, or any supported credit/debit cards to complete the transaction).

Cash payments are available for our repeating group classes (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Manners) and can be made on the day, either at the beginning or end of class.
For our courses (Puppy Preschool, Grumpy, Nose work, Agility and any other fixed courses) and private or behavioural consultations, cash payment by prior arrangement is accepted.
Please ensure you have correct payment as change may not be available.