Fear and Phobias

Many pet guardians have encountered fearful and/or phobic behaviour from their pets. These behaviours can be as minimal as dogs excessively yawning or lip licking, to frantic pacing and/or barking all the way up to severe cases where dogs are escaping and self harming.

Typical triggers are fireworks, storms, loud noises, appliances, and strange noises. Dog Solutions canine behaviour consultant has developed our program to assist pet owners to change their pets emotional response to the “scary thing” from fear to confidence.

Behaviour problems are what Dog Solutions do best so we are excited to be able to deliver this information in a more cost effective format for our clients. No one likes to see their pet frightened. Let us help you and your pet.

Please note for severe cases where dogs are self mutilating we do recommend a private consultation.

This seminar is a dog free event.